June 1, 2020

To the friends and families of Faith Lutheran Preschool,

Late last week, we were informed of the increased restrictions and guidelines being mandated for Illinois preschools and childcare centers as a part of the broader "Restore Illinois" plan for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Without wanting to go into great detail here, suffice it to say that the new requirements are substantial. While we certainly see the need for great care and caution being shown in order to protect preschool students, families, and teachers, we must also recognize that the specific restrictions and guidelines being enacted are a greater burden than our program is able to bear. 

Thus, we have decided that the Faith Lutheran Preschool program is going to be placed on hiatus until such time as the response to COVID-19 required for programs like ours is more manageable. We want to be very clear -- the preschool is not closing. But we simply cannot open for the 2020-21 school year with these guidelines and restrictions in place. All registration and tuition fees already paid will be refunded, and we will attempt to remain in communication with our preschool families and staff as the situation develops.

As you have opportunity, please pray for everyone affected by this decision. And please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any of the above. Faith Lutheran Preschool remains committed to its mission of sharing the love of Jesus with the children in our community by giving them every opportunity to receive what God has given to and for them. As ever, it is our desire to be a place where preschool boys and girls can grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually as children of God.

Yours in Christ,

Faith Lutheran Church -- Preschool Board