Save this number!  If you need to contact us during the school day and no one is answering the office phone, please call (618) 466-3833, ext. 212 for Ms. Galloway's/Mrs. King and (618) 466-3833, ext. 213 for Mrs. Wiggenhorn. You can also call Mrs. Wiggenhorn's cellphone at (618) 917-6086 or Mrs. King's cellphone at (618) 979-9226.
Inclement Weather Policy
School closings due to inclement weather will be on all the St. Louis television stations listed as "Faith Lutheran Preschool" or "Faith Lutheran School, Godfrey".  It will also be posted on our Facebook page.  We typically do not close for cold temps.

  Need to keep your preschooler busy this summer? Faith Lutheran Preschool is offering two monthly sessions to keep your preschooler busy. This program is open to all children ages 3-5. Click on the picture above for information and a registration form.

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April 18, 2018

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April 18, 2018