Faith Lutheran Preschool provides a learning program that is developmentally appropriate for each child's spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs within a safe, nurturing Christian environment. The preschool curriculum acknowledges the importance of learning through "play" both in and out of the regular classroom. The preschool also demonstrates the value of art and music within its walls and outside area to show children the beauty and joy in the Lord's creation.

Through the new preschool program, Faith Lutheran intends to build a stronger bridge for young children when they leave the informal preschool setting and enter the beginning of formal school in kindergarten. Addressing the early learning standards for Illinois within the preschool curriculum will facilitate a smoother transition for children entering kindergarten. Also, because young boys experience greater difficulties in the early elementary years than females, special focus will be on using research-based strategies to help young boys feel successful while still in preschool. High quality, differentiated instruction from caring Christian teachers, appropriate materials, and technology integration are based on current research from national early childhood associations and the International Reading Associations Preschool Literacy Collection to ensure appropriate learning opportunities for all children.

For further information and preschool project updates, please contact Tracy Wiggenhorn at (618) 466-3833, ext 200 or email her at